When I Was A Young Child I Used To Feel Pleasure
From Playing With Others
CD - GAY22

The sophmore release from Sara Berg featuring "Crawl Back From Under", "This Can't Be Desire" and "Young Child". A continued exploration of the unique talents of the original electrodiva.

"Energetic, semi-noir electropop of the finest calibre" - Bent
"Amazing Swedish popstrel" - Popjustice

Released worldwide in October 2007.






1. Last Time My Anger
2. Crawl Back From Under
3. Young Child
4. This Can't Be Desire
5. Demons
6. I Had To Trace
7. Out Of My League
8. Call Me From Below
9. Not Alone

10. Babies & Beautiful Things
11. Hold On
12. Closer To Home

Sara Berg - Crawl Back From Under